The Story Behind Bruce’s Logo

Bruce chose his company’s logo to feature Hermes, the ancient Greek god of trade and wealth. Hermes was referred to as one of the cleverest Olympian gods and was the messenger of Mt. Olympus.  In that role, he would deliver messages from the gods to the mortals to help them succeed. To the Romans, Hermes was known as Mercury.   

Bruce looks to Hermes as a righteous and quick-thinking leader who provided valuable information that boosted humankind.

Bruce listens to his clients describe their goals and desires for the future.

Socially Responsible Investing

“I am grateful to help my clients connect with like-minded companies and unleash the power of capital for good.”

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Bruce is ready to listen & work with you to plan your next steps towards financial success.

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370 17th Street Suite 3580
Denver, CO 80202

Bruce G. Allen Investments is located in Denver’s Republic Plaza building at 370 17th Street.  We are located in Suite 3580.

There is metered street parking and public parking areas & garages surrounding Republic Plaza. 

Once you are inside the main lobby of our building, select an elevator that will take you to the 35th floor. We are located in Suite 3580. 

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