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Business, like life in general, is all based upon quality relationships. In the fields of financial planning and investments, those relationships are based on trust.  Like he does in his personal relationships, Bruce ensures that honesty and integrity are the guiding principles at Bruce G. Allen Investments, LLC.  Together, honesty and integrity direct the culture of the business from the day to day operations, financial strategy meetings with clients and market transactions on behalf of those clients.

Bruce prides himself on providing insight that educates clients and doesn’t overwhelm them. He attempts to make sophisticated concepts understandable and meaningful to his client.

Each quarter, Bruce’s clients get a brief synopsis of their portfolio’s performance. This is not required within the industry, but it is very intentional for Bruce. Bruce’s approach to working with his client is very centered on clarity, not talking over his clients understanding and not overwhelming his clients with extensive briefs.

Bruce strives to be upfront and transparent as to how he is compensated when he is engaged by his clients.

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