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Social Security Consultation

Social Security represents an enormous financial asset when we retire. Yet many investors do not receive strategic advice about when or how to claim their Social Security.  Bruce works with his clients to create a game plan that maximizes this critical source of income in retirement 

It all starts with a deep, personal, and sophisticated conversation. Bruce listens to his clients as he reviews their personal Social Security fact pattern along with the current applicable rules.  When tax or legal advice is required, Bruce opens up this important conversation to include the clients’ tax and legal advisers as Bruce G. Allen Investments, LLC does not provide tax or legal advice.

Sometimes in this discovery process, he finds that there are benefits the client did not know they were entitled to. Bruce takes what can be an overwhelming process and transforms this conversation into one that enlightens and empowers his clients.  

Bruce is patient and works at the pace of his clients, while concisely showing them what’s at stake and the claim options that will maximize the benefits for themselves and their families.  And, he follows through to ensure they understand how each decision they make will affect them now and in the future.

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