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Women-Owned Businesses & Women Investors

Year after year, Bruce G. Allen Investments is seeing more and more women who are very engaged in the financial planning process for their futures. Not only do we have clients who have a significant role in the decision making on how their family’s monies are invested, but Bruce G. Allen Investments also works with an increasing number of women business owners. 

The latest figures show that women are majority owners in 38% of businesses in the United States. The Denver Metro area has an estimated 118,500 women-owned businesses, according to a report from American Express. Those companies have generated $18.1 billion in annual revenue.

(Source: https://about.americanexpress.com/files/doc_library/file/2019-state-of-women-owned-businesses-report.pdf)

The climate for women-owned and operated businesses is robust in Colorado but more can be done to ensure those companies grow wisely and succeed soundly.   

Bruce admires the strategy and focus he sees in his female clients, and he works to help them navigate plans for their financial success. 

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